A Motivating Way to Measure Progress

What makes us give up when we want to learn something new?

We start out really motivated.

We envision ourselves mastering the skill - dancing, budgeting, whatever it is.

And then we start applying it...

And we realize we have a long way to go to master this skill.

We see how far off we are - how it seems almost impossible to become a great singer or delegator or whatever.

And so we give up.

Of course we give up!

We are looking at how far we have to go.

Rather than how far we have already come.

A simple reframing, and yet focusing on how far we have already come will be way more motivating, and fun.

And that means you are more likely to continue.

Learn more about how to measure progress in a way that helps you achieve, rather than burnout and give up, in this episode.

Resources mentioned:

The Gap and The Gain, by Dan Sullivan and Dr Benjamin Hardy


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