Leadership Coaching for Aid Workers

Make your unique contribution to the aid world

Make A Contribution to be Proud Of  -
Leadership Coaching for Aid Workers

I know you want to make a difference.  That's how I felt when I first joined the aid world.  But as time went on, I felt I was spending more time on everyone else's agendas and less on my unique contributions.  I wanted to use my gifts to help leave a legacy!

I have since discovered a pathway to create that unique impact, which helped me and many others to be able to do so. 

This pathway includes:

- Identifying your unique values and leadership vision

- Becoming clear on what will help you achieve it

- Overcoming the obstacles which prevent you from "owning" your time - such as being able to say no to extra work and creating boundaries.

If you want to follow the path to leave your unique legacy, let's start exploring!  Book a free discovery call by clicking on the button below:

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Here's what my coachees are saying about working with me:

Krishna Pahari

Senior Regional Program Officer 
WFP Regional Bureau for East Africa 

"The coaching provided by Torrey is simple and very effective in self reflection to help identify key challenges in performance management and practical options to go about it.

The best thing about Torrey’s coaching is that I feel very comfortable and at ease with the conversation... to realize that solutions to problems may not be that difficult as they seem at the beginning." 

Christine Khavetsa

Program Policy Officer: Self-Reliance
World Food Programme

"In September 2019 I assumed a new higher role and a different office in a non-family duty station. I struggled a lot of bonding with new people, being away from home, increased responsibility, and workplace gossip. To say the least, I did not know what to do, I was tossing between being confused and breaking down. I remember breaking down in tears after a in front of my boss and colleagues after a meeting, it made me very embarrassed. But this moment was also my breakthrough because my boss referred me to Torrey’ coaching services and he took time to introduce me to her. 

Torrey is an easy person to connect with, I had four sessions and each session was an eye-opener.  The coaching has helped me manage the transition better, the greatest ability I have learnt is the ability to detach from a situation, process is it with a clear sober mind and decides on my next actions. I am still perfecting this art."

Jen Redway

Program Manager
Human/Wildlife Conflict Program

"Torrey's objectivity and perspective has been of great value to me both personally and professionally.

As an expat program manager during COVID-19 in Zambia, isolation has played a big role in seeking a corroborative voice through which to seek guidance. Torrey has supplied me with a toolbox of different approaches, which I have used to move forward with confidence in times of uncertainty."

Andreas Hansen

Head of Partnerships
WFP Regional Bureau for East Africa

"My coaching session with Torrey provided me with practical tools for improving my team management skills and approach. The frank discussions with Torrey helped me set clear goals for the team, reflect on progress and challenges and think through how to introduce new members. I also really like how Torrey taught me how to proactively work with values as part of the team management.  Torrey was great at helping me identify my own solutions to challenges through our coaching sessions."   

Gloria Likhoyi

Programs Manager
Coast Interfaith Council of Clerics Trust

"The ten sessions I have had with Torrey worked MIRACLES within me. I feared thinking and searching within myself because of the imperfections that society always saw in me. But as Torrey guided me through the sessions, I found that I have good and profitable resources within me. These resources have changed so many negatives in my life. She built my courage to search inside myself and bring out positive thoughts, attitudes, insights and profitable suggestions that have improved my life. 

I can now organize my work and reduce the stress that dominated my life. This affected my family life, productivity of my work and even ministry work within my church. I always was behind schedule, and had too much on my work tray and productivity was low.

Key lessons that Torrey helped me learn include:

  • Trusting others can do my work and do it better; this has helped me share my work with team members reducing my work load. 
  • Appreciating the abilities of others; this has helped me to ask for help on challenging assignments and allowed me to perfect my outputs. 
  • Being truthful to myself and others: not making unattainable promises but engaging with people and truthfully helping them understand your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Thanking and congratulating others for work well done; this has made team members happier to work with and help me whenever I ask for it.
  • Accepting my mistakes and shortcomings; never blame others for them. By this I am learning to correct my mistakes and improve myself."   

Caroline Lunani

Office Manager
Misereor Dialogue and Partnership Services
Kenya and South Sudan

"The one on one coaching sessions culminated into self-realization and the ability to exercise, examine the power within myself to find solutions to problems, difficulties, struggles or best actions to inform myself for a successful professional life and also to exercise skills that then the end results are liberating, enhancing a work life balance. The feedback from Torrey, that I have good leadership skills, made me very proud."