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Time Management Tips for Aid Workers

Time Management for Aid Workers

I know you have experienced at least one of these:

  • Your laptop order to be delayed by customs because they thought you were in sanctioned Sudan and not South Sudan

  • Your implementing partner says to meet at 8am but really means 9am

  • The community you just showed up to do an assessment is celebrating some obscure holiday that you did not know existed

I have experienced all of the above time wasters, and these are just a few reasons why knowing how to manage time in our field is all the more important. If you are interested in receiving a one pager which summarizes my (and my guest as well as other time management guru’s) advice over the last nine years in time management specifically for aid workers, please submit your name and email below!

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But wait, there’s more!

I recorded an episode called “How to be a Productivity Ninja” on this topic which you can find here, which better explains in depth a lot of what is in the guide.  

For more ways to improve yourself and your team, visit the Start Here page which lists all of the resources available, including Five Ways to Incorporate Deep Work into your routine.