How Leaders Can Help End Burnout in the Humanitarian Sector with Dr Gemma Houldey, Wellbeing Advisor and Facilitator for the Aid Sector

As humanitarians unfortunately we are likely to have experienced burnout at one time or another.  And it was just this experience that inspired today's guest Dr. Gemma Houldey to do a thesis on the same - a look at the systemic issues in the aid world causing burnout.

As part of a way organizations can address the burnout of national and international staff, Dr. Gemma has also published a book (see resources section below) which provides practical ways we as leaders can help address it.

In this episode we cover:

  • How we are all responsible for creating culture of wellbeing
  • The importance of brave spaces over safe spaces
  • How to Bring our human-ness back into the workplace
  • The importance of bringing rituals to the workplace and how you can do so as a leader
  • The importance as a leader of having a support section (like an accountability partner)
  • And more!


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