How Cultural Biases Influence Our Roles as Leaders
with Henry Zinglersen, President MindLab Global Solutions

Have you ever been frustrated with team members who won't bring up a problem until the last minute?  What about those who won't tell you when they are not clear on what you just spent an hour explaining, which you find out when they don't turn in the revised budget you asked for?  These are just a few of the scenarios which can result from cultural misunderstandings, and can lead to blocks in communication, strained relationships and poor performance.

It is surprising how little we acknowledge cross cultural differences as a potential barrier in our working relationships, especially in international development!

The good news is in today's episode Henry Zinglersen, who has over 20 years' experience working across cultures in an effort to bridge cultural gaps in multinational organizations and nonprofits, shares some best practices that can help you become more united culturally as a team.  

In this episode Henry shares:

  • Different cultural dimensions which leaders should be aware of that may influence our roles

  • How to become more cross culturally self-aware

  • How you can know the quality of the relationship you have with your team

  • Different ways to bridge cultural gaps

  • How to bring up culture as an issue in miscommunication to your supervisor

  • Why some cultures don't always follow the rules

You can reach Henry here:

Henry Zinglersen, President
MindLab Global Solutions
Copenhagen, Denmark
Phone/WhatsApp: +4522113300
Email: [email protected]

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