Proposals dropping last minute.
Vehicles getting stuck in the mud. 
Project materials arriving late. 

Development work can be unpredictable,
but your leadership advice doesn't have to be. 

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Maintaining Organizational Culture Despite Working Remotely

The past few years have brought many changes - one of which is remote work.  I know several supervisors who have not met their teams in person, and still don't know when that will happen!

So since we are working remotely, how can we build trust and an organizational culture?  My guest today Hawa Kombian is an Organizational Specialist who provides some practical ways leaders can do just that - unify remote teams.  

A Proven Feedback Mechanism that Eliminates Gossip and Increases Engagement with CRS Timor-Leste Staff

From my experience, it is very rare to have a team that tells you everything. 

How do we find a way to give our teams a voice that they feel comfortable with?  This is a question we asked ourselves when I worked in Timor-Leste several years ago, and the feedback mechanism we came up with became known as the SMT Plus.
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Overcoming Perfectionism as a Humanitarian Worker

We all sometimes have perfectionist tendencies.  Most humanitarians want to do great work!  However, when this desire to do great work makes us more stressed, prevents us from turning things in and keeps us paralyzed, perfectionism can ironically lead to imperfectionism.

None of us need added stress in our lives, and we all want to get things in on time, so how can we overcome the need for "perfect"? 

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How a Coach Approach Greatly Increased the Impact of Her Work, with Inonge Wina-Chinyama

It always amazes me to see how my students incorporate coaching in their work.  Today's guest Inonge Wina-Chinyama is a Senior Advisor for MSI Zambia in the areas of youth and disabilities.  The nature of her role as an advisor is the opposite of coaching, that is telling others what to do. 

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