Proposals dropping last minute.
Vehicles getting stuck in the mud. 
Project materials arriving late. 

Development work can be unpredictable,
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Are You Falling into the Parent-Child Managerial Trap?

What is your relationship with your team?

Do you tell them what to do?

Do you do work for them?

How often do you feel frustrated by another mistake, or something that's gone wrong for the sixth time?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you may be in a parent-child managerial trap.

We may not even be aware of how we can become parents sometimes when managing our teams.

But the result of this type of dynamic can be a team reliant on its leader, and not able to think for themselves, or make decisions.

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Defining Your Leadership Legacy - Part Three


In this final part of the three part series, I talk about what a leadership legacy means and how it can help us create lasting impact.

You'll hear about my own leadership legacy, and why I am so grateful for having spent the time to envision it and then create it.

Read more here.

How Will You Be Remembered as a Leader? - Part One

How do you want to be remembered by your team and others one to five years from now?

What will be your Leadership Legacy?  

Something that you will look back upon and think "wow I am so proud I achieved that."

Over the next three episodes, I am going to discuss how to achieve a Leadership Legacy - how to be intentional about the impact we want to make and how we can make it as leaders.

In part one, we explore becoming more aware of the number one way you will either achieve your legacy or not - that is by understanding how you are spending your time.

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How Will You be Remembered as a Leader - Part Two

Last week we looked at how to become aware of how you're using your time as a leader (in part one here).

This week we will now look at how you WANT to be using your time so you can make the impact you're seeking.

This means looking at how can we use our time more effectively?

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