Proposals dropping last minute.
Vehicles getting stuck in the mud. 
Project materials arriving late. 

Development work can be unpredictable,
but your leadership advice doesn't have to be. 

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How to Focus More Time on Your Strengths as An Aid Worker Leader

We all have our strengths as leaders.

You know, the areas in which you feel come naturally to you. Maybe you even enjoy working on them.

It could be managing budgets, or helping local partners, or writing proposals.

Whatever it is, when you spend more time in that area, you are more productive.

Using Coaching to Increase Staff Wellbeing

What's a very effective and often overlooked way to increase staff wellbeing?  

Allowing them space to talk about things that are important to them, and asking questions to help them move forward.

In other words, having a coaching conversation.

In this episode I discuss the many ways coaching can increase the wellbeing of your team, and some powerful questions to use for just such a conversation.
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How Leaders Can Help End Burnout in the Humanitarian Sector with Dr Gemma Houldey, Wellbeing Advisor and Facilitator for the Aid Sector

As humanitarians unfortunately we are likely to have experienced burnout at one time or another.  And it was just this experience that inspired today's guest Dr. Gemma Houldey to do a thesis on the same - a look at the systemic issues in the aid world causing burnout.

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How a Coach Approach Greatly Increased the Impact of Her Work, with Inonge Wina-Chinyama

It always amazes me to see how my students incorporate coaching in their work.  Today's guest Inonge Wina-Chinyama is a Senior Advisor for MSI Zambia in the areas of youth and disabilities.  The nature of her role as an advisor is the opposite of coaching, that is telling others what to do. 

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