Proposals dropping last minute.
Vehicles getting stuck in the mud. 
Project materials arriving late. 

Development work can be unpredictable,
but your leadership advice doesn't have to be. 

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What Do YOU Want?

We are told by a lot of external sources what we SHOULD want in life and work.

For example, social media tells us what we should be doing, how we should be thinking.

Advertisements tell us what cars we need or food to be fulfilled.

Society also tells us what we should want - children, a house, a college degree, etc.

And many of us follow this without questioning.

And yet - have you ever really reflected on what YOU want?

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Being Before Doing: The Key to True Behavior Change

If knowledge was the only thing preventing us from taking action, we would all be a lot healthier and manage our time better.

But that's not the way it works.

We know many things - like that we need to get more sleep.

But knowing doesn't mean we will get more sleep.

Before we are able to take action, we need to better understand the being part.

That is, how is my identity helping me or hindering me from sustainable behavior change?

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A Motivating Way to Measure Progress

What makes us give up when we want to learn something new?

We start out really motivated.

We envision ourselves mastering the skill - dancing, budgeting, whatever it is.

And then we start applying it...

And we realize we have a long way to go to master this skill.

We see how far off we are - how it seems almost impossible to become a great singer or delegator or whatever.

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The True Humanitarian Leader

We say we are humanitarians.  That we help people.

But would a true humanitarian prioritize results over their team?

This is unfortunately what many of us do.

We say we are too busy to coach or work with developing our teams.

Too busy on proposals or attending meetings that lead nowhere.

We have lost sight of our priorities, and rather than being rewarded for prioritizing our teams and their development, we are focused on growth and reaching more, doing more.

The result?

Our teams (and ourselves) are in burnout, and we look for some external change to make it all better.

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