Proposals dropping last minute.
Vehicles getting stuck in the mud. 
Project materials arriving late. 

Development work can be unpredictable,
but your leadership advice doesn't have to be. 

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The Quick Fix Myth


Wouldn't it be great if we knew exactly what a community wanted without talking to them?

If we knew what the community wanted, we could skip all the design meetings, all the planning and just get started with implementation.

It would be great.  But it's not reality.

Although we may want to rush, when we fix things quickly now we can make them harder in the long run.

The same goes for supervising our teams.

I Don't Know

It's important to know when we are using the "I Don't Know" excuse, and how we can overcome it.

So you can move forward and achieve the impact you're seeking.

And become the leader you admire.

Find out more in this episode.

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Qualities of a High Achiever - Internal vs External Validation

I was honored to do a Time Management Master Training at the WILD Forum last week.  After the training, I found myself looking through the participants' comments for feedback.  And I quickly stopped myself.

While receiving feedback is wonderful, we need to be careful when we find ourselves craving it.  In my case, I was craving the feedback to confirm that "this presentation is amazing" - or really "I am amazing."  Although I found the feedback to validate people felt it was good, I also found myself wanting more.

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Using Diversity to Increase Team Performance in the Humanitarian Sector

There are things we as humanitarian leaders can doing better with our existing teams to create more diversity.  Things that we may not normally consider.

My guest today Saraounia Mboka-Boyer has 13 years' experience in international development and lived in Africa 16 years.  She calls herself an "Inclusion Engineer" and in this episode shares how diversity is often used narrowly, and how we as leaders can use the diversity already in our teams to create better performance and innovation.

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