Building Confident, Caring Leaders in International Development.


Hi, Iā€™m Torrey. Most days I love my job as an aid worker

Over the last 12 years I have progressed from volunteer to Project Manager to Head of Office and then Country Director working on five continents for various organizations.  Like many of you, I have had incredible experiences such as overseeing construction of computer labs in Guatemala, interviewing flood victims in Malawi, celebrating the independence of South Sudan and then hunkering down during the outbreak of war, and regularly crossing the island of Timor-Leste to oversee our nutrition program.  And of course I have learned from plenty of mistakes along the way.

My morning commute through the black cotton soil of Malakal in South Sudan.

My morning commute through the black cotton soil of Malakal in South Sudan.

Some days can be difficult - and there are a lot of areas to improve.  One of the areas that has had direct impact on my ability to create effective programs and teams is related to focus on improving my leadership skills and learning from others. 

Several years back when I learned I was going to be a new supervisor, I searched for advice from self-help resources around how to be a better leader.  I listened to hundreds of hours of podcasts and read many books and even obtained a Coaching Certificate...  

But there aren't many resources which address the specific challenges aid workers face. 

That's why I created Aid for Aid Workers

Aid for Aid Workers is specifically designed for the unique and sometimes crazy situations we encounter in our field so that we can become more confident and caring leaders and by doing so broaden our impactWhether it's learning what others have done when faced with a sudden crisis such as war, how to increase your team's performance or how to take care of yourself in a resource deprived environment, Aid for Aid Workers provides you with ideas and tools to thrive in this amazing career, as well as offering a source of moral support.   

Are you ready to broaden Your impact in your work & life?

Saving the World Isn't Easy... But together we can make it more attainable!

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